Will You Gain Weight After The Holidays?
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f you’re struggling with your weight, you probably want to read this. I talked about this last month, but now it’s January and time for you or a family member to really get serious about weight loss. Today I’m going to give you some simple reminders and pointers so hopefully you’ll take some notes, and act accordingly if you’re really ready to lose some weight.

A large number of people OVEREAT during the holidays. Why? I have no clue other than the food is usually outstanding, captivating, and very, very tasty.

Now here’s something you will want to hear. Reports of your holiday weight gain have been greatly exaggerated by a number of news outlets. People “say” they gain, on average, about five pounds during this time of year, but it all depends on how you’re eating and what times you’re eating. If you’re just eating salads, the chances of you gaining weight are very slim. I tell people to fast some during this time and then eat, but most do not have the so called willpower to do that.

I’ve discovered that the average weight gain during the holiday season in this community is around a pound. Yes, just one little old pound. Here’s why that is bad news, even if it sounds good to you right now.

Most people don’t ever lose that one little holiday pound they put on. That’s the BIG problem. The truth is, just because you gain just one pound, doesn’t mean you have to KEEP IT ON.

If you want to look good, feel good, move better, and think better, you’ll want to lose that one pound as fast as you can.

The average weight gain during adulthood is about one to two pounds PER year. If you’re say 40 years old, and you’ve been adding a pound or two per year — since you were twenty five years old, that would be a thirty pound weight gain since you started adding that extra ONE pound that they talk about.

If you are already overweight, the holidays are worse. Although the average weight gain is only a single pound, people who are already overweight tend to gain a lot more than someone that is not already heavy. Again, you already know this if you read last month’s newsletter, but there was one study that found that overweight people gained five pounds (5 big ones) or more during the holidays. That’s where the bad news is really apparent.


The average weight gain for the 94 students during the holidays was about one pound.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Doc you’ve already told me this. Why are you writing the same thing again?” The simple answer is this. I want to hold you accountable. If I do your chances of losing weight, especially those extra holiday pounds are a lot better.

Last month I told you, those students who were about a normal weight gained about a half a pound during the holiday season, but the students who were already foodies and overweight, gained about two pounds.

The holiday season doesn’t represent just one day of overeating. During the holidays there’s MORE alcohol consumed, there’s a whole lot MORE snacks eaten, and


MORE finger foods and appetizers given out that are bad for the middle part of your body. If you want to get started on getting rid of that ONE or TWO pounds… you just gained, talk to us about a proven weight loss program where we help you manage your weight the right way.