Why drugs are bad?
Your health is your most important asset...take it seriously. We do!

Drug Facts


In order to understand how drugs affect you, you must understand what drugs actually are. I am sure there are a lot of people that know this, but I just want to share my viewpoints on drugs and what they do.

In general, drugs alter the chemical state of a person’s body and mind. Drugs can be categorized in three groups.

Medicines: As drugs change the chemical state of your body and/or mind, when you feel sick you are given some drugs by your doctor to try and force balance the chemical imbalance in your body to get you better.

Legal addictive drugs: Alcohol and tobacco are harmful yet legal in North America. They can and do with time and use cause damage to your body and mind.

Illegal addictive drugs: There are many drugs which fall into these categories.

Read on to find out how these drugs affect your body.

-You age faster, and with time you start to look 10-15 years older than your age.

-Lung cancer

-Rotten teeth

-Hair loss

-Physical dependence and addiction


-Dilated pupils

-Loss of appetite

-Can cause unrepairable damage to your brain cells.

-Consequently you lose memory


-Irrational decision making

-Suicidal depression

-Nightmares, and hallucinations

-Impaired depth, and time perception


-Greatly impaired judgement and decision making ability results in

-Alienated from peers

-Withdrawal from the family activities, and family members

-Set bad example for younger siblings

-After a while no family member or friend is close enough

-End up in lower skill, lower status job

-Hard to keep up with the work pressure, and may loose your job to drugs

-Spend most of the earning to buy drugs.

-At times feel the ‘need’ to steal for drug money.

-You may feel that you have enough money to throw out of the window, but all of us got just one life.

-Criminal convictions are also recorded for drug offenses, which can affect your life in many ways.

I want you to remember you are the architect of your own life. Choose your path wisely.