Painkiller Abuse
Your health is your most important asset. Take it seriously...WE DO!!

Abuse of painkillers and other medication is sending as many people to the emergency room as the use of illegal drugs. I’m going to give you some old data, but I’m also going to tell you that even though the data is old, it is accurate of the trend that is getting worse by the year.

In 2008, Emergency Rooms saw an estimated 1 million visits from people abusing prescription or over-the-counter medicines — and these were comprised of mostly painkillers and sedatives.

That was about the same number of visits from those overdosing on heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs. Not a good thing to be compared to if you know what I mean.

Only a short five years prior, illegal drug visits outnumbered those from legal medications by a 2 to 1 margin.

Drug use, both illegal AND legal is risky business. As an American who pays attention to the details… pay close attention to the side effect warning in every drug commercial and you’ll have to agree with me.

Once you study drugs and side effects, you’ll understand that the philosophy of ‘better health through more drugs’ is flawed, unpredictable and dangerous at best.

Your amazing body even as amazing as it is… wasn’t built to be a dumping ground for the multitude of every pill, potion and shot that comes along.

Let me be clear here. There’s an intelligent healing power within you, capable of keeping your body in balance.

As long as that healing power is treated with the right touch, the right care, the right nutrition, the right structure adjustment, you’ll enjoy BETTER health.

But unfortunately if it is left untreated (subluxated, twisted, abused, & drugged), you’re going to experience acid reflux, hearing problems most likely later in life, aches, arthritis, stiffness and lots of pains.

Now do not get me wrong. There is a ‘time and place’ for medications, but not having to take them is empowering.

I went to a medical doctor for something… years ago and when he was doing the intake form he asked me what the names of the drugs I was taking and how long I’d been on the current regimen?

He was flabbergasted when I told him that I don’t take any kind of drug. In fact, I could tell — they were honestly shocked at that statement.

So here’s my question to you. What are you doing TODAY, to keep from having to take another pain pill/drug/medication tomorrow