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Knowing what to expect when you have a newborn can ease the anxiety that every new parent feels and give you confidence as you bond with your new baby.
The popping sound when you get adjusted is called cavitation, and is exactly the same thing that happens when you pull on your knuckles
According to scientists and health professionals, drinking a glass of wine a day (and they don’t mean a glass that holds the entire bottle) can have a lasting benefit on your health.
One of the first questions many patients ask me is: How long is this going to take for me to feel better Doc?
The largest Easter egg ever made was around 9,000 pounds.
This is from the folks over at They put out some fantastic information and I thought it would be great to give em' a shout out here
In order to understand how drugs affect you, you must understand what drugs actually are
‘Here’s a rule that’s catnip for right-wingers everywhere: do not bother children while they are skateboarding’