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Pain is the LAST symptom of a problem, not the FIRST.
Usually a patient first comes to my office because of pain. Then we talk to them, take some x-rays and send them home for the day. The x-rays taken with a low back disc lesion will most commonly be normal, but may reveal degenerative (decay like) changes. With spinal stenosis a patient will see a narrowing of their nerve canal.
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Rear-end auto collisions can result in permanent disability and pain. As the violent motions of a crash strain the ligaments of the neck, their ability to stabilize the spine is compromised, making you more susceptible to injury. These weakened ligaments can lead to persistant neck pain or lasting whiplash symptoms.
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Feel like you’re bent over and tense?
It’s become quite the norm to use hand sanitizers today. You even see them displayed in a lot of public places. But here’s the problem…
When one breeds an Angora rabbit with an Easter Bunny is that a “cross” hair?