LOWER Your Blood Pressure Naturally…
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LOWER Your Blood Pressure Naturally…



Want to know one of the best ways to prevent heart attacks and strokes? Keep your blood pressure in check but do that without medication. 65 million people already have hypertension—and 20 million people are teetering on the brink so if you’re one of them or you know someone that has high blood pressure, share this information with them..

Taking a daily 1,000 mg dose of Olive-leaf extract can help reverse the problem, and can lower your reading by as much as nine points in eight weeks, a new study suggests. Together, two of olive leaf’s active compounds—oleuropein and oleanic acid—have the power to relax slightly tight blood vessels. IMPORTANT: Always monitor your blood pressure. I suggest you get it checked at the office at least once a month while you’re here for your appointment.

You can also normalize your blood pressure by eating more fiber. File this under fantastic: Simply eating a high-fiber diet can help get your blood pressure under control—often in as little as one month—by stopping blood sugar from soaring to harmful levels!

How much do you need: 15 grams daily. Get it by eating two to three cups of fresh produce, plus a serving of beans. You can take a shortcut by taking two heaping tablespoons of a soluble fiber supplement plus eat two apples daily.

Oh and get serious with sesame oil. If nothing else seems to make a dent in your blood pressure, sesame oil might do the trick. One study found that when people with severe hypertension took just 1 oz. daily, their blood pressure plunged 32 points in just two months. The researchers’ best guess why: Sesame oils polyunsaturated fatty acids and sesamin team up to dilate blood vessel walls, preventing pressure spikes. And on top of all of this make sure you’re spine is checked. If you have misalignments that don’t hurt, they can still cause blood pressure issues.