Dr Kit
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A Message from Dr Kit

Dr Kit didn’t find Chiropractic…Chiropractic found him.

He had seen health miracles…folks who have given up…people whom allopathic medicine had failed and disappointed. He heard over and over from patients how all they want is someone who cares, who understands and who can get them out of their pains.

The body has an innate and amazing ability to heal, Dr Kit realised that by harnessing and utilising this knowledge, he will be able to bring changes to many people’s health and their lives!

A lifelong student of health, Dr Kit loves working with families and finds great joy in improving one’s quality of life through modern medical technology, constantly improving health knowledge, compassion and care!

When you come in for your complementary health check up with Dr Kit, know that he will listen and understand, and find a solution to your health needs.

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