Do You Like Pain?
Your Health is your Most Important ASSET. Take IT seriously. We Do!


Why do I say that? If your body did not GIVE you pain, some times you’d never know anything was wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to have pain to have a health issue. CANCER for instance doesn’t show up usually until you’ve had it for years, so prevention is KEY.

   If you have a bad tooth, you have pain. If you have an internal problem with say your heart, you might have some pain. If you have a misalignment in your neck or back, you may or may not have pain.

   Pain is more or less, the last straw. By the time you have the PAIN, a lot of the damage is already done.

   Here’s my point. Pain causes you to pay attention to something that has ceased working correctly.

   It’s a warning that a limit of some type has been reached in terms of function and that your body is not equipped to handle the activity and is unable to adapt any longer.

   It’s a not-too-subtle way your body alerts you that a change in your actions are required.

   In many ways, pain is a good thing. It’s only when we misinterpret the pain or make it go away (without tending to its underlying cause) that we get into trouble.

   That’s what happens when we start popping pain medication to “make it go away and do nothing to eliminate the CAUSE.”

   Many people begin care in our practice because of painful symptoms. My primary interest is and always will be in the underlying cause of their pain.

   Numbing the body with drugs to hide the pain may be convenient, but in the long run, expensive. And drugs simply mask the pain; the drugs cannot “make the pain go away.”

   Chiropractic adjustments can. I take a more natural approach. It begins with a thorough examination. Plus, I’ll ask about the various physical, emotional and chemical stresses you may be experiencing.

   If you know someone who regularly takes pain medication to suppress their ability to sense pain, tell them to call me personally. I promise to help identify the underlying cause of their problem and offer a safe and natural solution to their body’s cry for help.