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I know the importance of feeding children healthy food. Some people I know drive 4 hours every week to buy organic food for her family – and during this season I want you to know  how important this issue is to me. But right now, big industrial corporations are lobbying hard to change the definition of [...]

To me that’s a big question you might want to ponder. Why? Because it happens to a number of people during the upcoming holidays. Now here’s something you might want to hear. Reports of your holiday weight gain have been greatly exaggerated by a number of news outlets. Media stories often suggest that the average [...]

How to get rid of YOUR Leg Pain.   A few things you can do at home to help your leg pain if you can’t get in to see us right away 1) Rest as much as possible. The best thing that you can do when you start having leg pain is to rest. Stop whatever [...]

Occasionally, after an adjustment a patient will experience mild muscle soreness for a short time afterwards. As the body’s structure begins returning closer to its center of gravity, dormant and latent muscles which should have been working on your behalf are now coming back to normal function. This is much like the soreness experienced when [...]

A new study confirms that chiropractic care is an effective, safe way to treat sacroiliac joint pain. The sacroiliac joint, or SI joint, is located at the base of the spine where the sacrum and pelvis connect to one another. SI joint pain can have a number of causes. Leg length discrepancies, pain or altered [...]

I’m sure you know that if you want to be as healthy as you can be you should spend the majority of your life getting adjusted. Here’s what most people do however. They go when they hurt, and when they don’t hurt, they don’t go. They rely upon their symptoms to tell them if they’re [...]

A n 80 year old couple were having problems remembering things, so they both decided to go to their doctor to get checked and make sure… nothing was wrong with them. When they arrived, they explained to the doctor about the problems they were having with their memories. After examining the couple the doctor told [...]

   A visitor from Hollandwas chatting with his American friend and was jokingly explaining about the red, white and blue in the Netherlandsflag. “Our flag symbolizes our taxes,” he said. “We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bill, and blue after we pay them.” “That’s the same with [...]

   Seventy-two per cent of migraine sufferers in a clinical trial experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment, defying historical skepticism of chiropractics by some medical practitioners.   I had a patient ask me about her migraines the other day and I wanted to address that in this issue of [...]

The A-to-Z Guide to Leading a Primal Lifestyle: Z Print this out. Bookmark it. Send it to friends who don’t quite get the Primal thing Consider this a valuable resource for all-things Primal. It’s a nice, alphabetical encapsulation of what it means to lead a Primal lifestyle. It’s not everything, of course. You can always dig deeper into [...]