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Q: A patient asked me recently, “Doc, can a chiropractor help my knee pain? I really don’t know why my knee hurts but can you help? A: There are many possible causes of knee pain, so I am going to try to answer your question from multiple aspects. In general, there are a few things […]

  A 72-year–old white woman presented with migraine headaches that started in her early childhood (at approximately 12 years old). The patient could not recall anything that may have happened that could be causing her migraines, although she believed there was a family history (father) of the condition. During the history, the patient stated that […]

Millions of people suffer unnecessarily every day with debilitating foot pain.  I don’t know if you do and you just have not mentioned it to me or one of the staff, but if you do have foot pain, tell me. I’m saying that today because it is common for people to accept foot pain as […]

Though heart doctors have joked that the safest place to suffer a heart attack would be in a city hosting a national cardiology meeting, researchers at Harvard Medical School, USC and Santa Monica’s Rand Corp. were among a group that found the exact opposite to be true.   In research published in JAMA Internal Medicine, […]

How much do you really know about your heart’s health? It’s easy to be fooled by misconceptions. After all, heart disease only happens to your elderly neighbor or to your fried food-loving uncle, right? Or do you know the real truth – that heart disease can affect people of any age, even those who eat right? Relying […]

One of the first questions a lot of my patients ask me about their care here is: “How long is this going to take me?” Now I have to admit, this is a good question. I’m going to tell you my answer and if you like it, make sure you tell me at your next […]

  W hatever you put in your pan for dinner tonight, make sure you add a few squeezes of this: lemon juice.   Here’s what I just discovered. A new study shows that marinating meats in lemon juice — or apple cider vinegar — can help greatly reduce the production of harmful compounds linked to […]

‘Oh don’t worry bout the side effects We can give u something else for it..’ On pharmaceuticals: Ask not what the ‘side effects’ are Ask what those ‘effects’ are For they are all ‘effects’ Ask then Would I want those ‘effects’ Why do I care so much about what & how u eat? Your body’s […]

>>>JOKE of the MONTH<<< You are going to like this month’s Joke of the Month. Once, in the 1800’s, a long, long time ago, there was a little boy playing around his house. He was twirling around, and suddenly, he knocked over the outhouse. This scared the boy. Frightened that he would be caught, he […]

TIPS ON PUMPING GAS I don’t know what you are paying for gasoline…. but gasoline prices are up. Here’s something a friend of mine wrote. “My line of work is in petroleum for about 31 years now, so here are some tricks to get more of your money’s worth for every gallon:” ————————————————————————————————————————— We deliver about […]